Welcome to Club 316, Perths finest Gentlemens club. The house of pleasure


Perth’s only 6 star establishment

Luxurious Opulent /Professional.


 Experience the ultimate luxury. Experience Club 316.


*Don’t forget to ask about our two girl special this May! Couples always welcome….* Perths Erotic leading specialists…

*Open 10am until late 7 days* We hardly ever close….

**We have had an influx of new ladies – Please keep checking our updated roster daily!** New ladies welcome!

*Please ask our friendly reception team regarding our July two girl pamper special!*


Monday  16th of july 2018 

10am:  Frankie

11am: Teagan

2pm: Lauren (NEW!), Allira (NEW!)

3pm: Evie (New!)

 4pm: Charlie

7pm: Brooke (Touring!), Kira (New!)

7:30pm: Vera

8pm: Francessa, Veronica

*All Ladies available until 1am close*


Tuesday 17th July, 2018 –

10am:  Claudia (NEW!), Madeline

11am:  Frankie, Teagan, Jordan

12pm: Lauren (NEW!)

5pm: Charlie, Sophia(New)

6pm: Allira (NEW!), Nikita, Hazel (Touring), Brooke (Welcome Back!)

7pm: Pixie

8pm: Francessca,  Vera

9 pm: Gabriella

10:30 pm: Ryda


Wednesday 18th July 2018 –

10am:  Francessa, Kiera (10am to 2pm)

11am:  Teagan, Lauren (New)

12pm: Frankie, Jordan (NEW!)

2pm:  Charlie

6pm: Elle (NEW!), Evie, Lauren

7pm: Frankie

8pm: Sophia (NEW!), Charlie, Brooklyn

9pm:  Francessca, Bianca

10pm: Renae, Sophia (New)

*All ladies available until 5 -6 am*


Thursday 19th July 2018 – 

10am:  Madeline, Claudia (NEW!), Kiera (10am to 2 pm)

11am: Frankie,  Teagan, Lauren (New)

2pm: Lauren (New), Charlie

4pm:  Brooke (Limited time), Evie (NEW!)

5pm: Lauren

6pm: Evie (NEW!)

7pm: Pixie (NEW!), Jade

7:30pm:  Francessca

8pm: Frankie, Charlie,  Vera

9pm: Veronica, Brooklyn, Bianca (Touring)

10pm: Gabriella, Ryda, Sophia (New), Renae

Beautiful Ladies available  until 5 -6 am


Friday 20th July 2018

10am:  Madeline, Frankie, Lauren

11am:  Hannah, Pixie, Teagan

12pm:  Brooklyn, Lauren (NEW!)

2pm:  Teagan

3pm: Claudia ( 3pm to 11pm)

4pm: Lauren (NEW!)

5pm: Charlie

6pm: Elle (NEW!), Evie (New)

7pm: Claudia (NEW!), Lauren (NEW!), Evie (NEW!)

8pm: Vera, Sophia (NEW!), Renae(Welcome Back!)

8:30pm: Layla

9pm:  Bayley

10pm:  Ryda (NEW!), Candy (NEW!) Kirra (NEW!), Ava, Brooke

10:30pm: Jade, Veronica

11pm: Candy, Francessca

12am:  Gabriella, Victoria

2am: Brooklyn

******OPEN 24 HRS*******


Saturday 21st July 2018 

10am: Frankie

11am: Joanne, Teagan, Lauren (NEW!), Constance (11am to 3 pm)

12pm: Charlie, Madeline

6pm: Elle (NEW!), Evie (NEW!)

7pm: Hazel (Touring), Kirra

8pm:  Sophia (NEW!), Bayley (New)

10pm : Francessa, Renae, Vera, Kirra (NEW!), Candy, Ava

11pm:  Gabriella, Ryda (New),

12am: Francessa, Veronica

2am: Teagan, Constance

***OPEN 24 HOURS***


Sunday 22nd July 2018

12pm: Frankie

4pm: Charlie, Evie, Lauren (NEW!)

5pm: Brooklyn

7pm:  Kiera

8pm: Gabriella, Kiera

9pm: Francessa, Vera


Club 316 is Perth’s premier adult entertainment venue.  Its signature concept mixes executive style with sex and luxury, providing you with the most erotic bordello experience in Perth.


If you prefer to secure an appointment  with your chosen lady we would strongly  recommend that you call 92275111 or message 0424082891.

We advise you continue to check our daily updated roster for updates including new ladies joining Club 316.

Our roster is only a guide and is subject to change with little notice.  Whilst we shall try to keep it as accurate as possible, we recommend that you call our welcoming receptionists to confirm that the lady of your choice is available.


Please note: Discrete side entry and car parking